Quantum-Safe Today

CORA Cyber Security Inc. has championed Probabilistic encryption while embracing what Claude Shannon addressed as 'perfect encryption'. CORA-X uses a minimum of 125 kB Multiple Use Pad (MUP), resulting in data security that is quantum-safe today and will handle the quantum computers of tomorrow.


Finite key sizes to encrypt.

Depends on complex mathematical (beautiful) algorithms.

Breaking the encryption is often based upon factorization, or another mathematically challenging pathway.

CORA - a step beyond

Probabilistic in nature; with so many mathematicians, and highly motivated intellectuals with powerful computers, the one hurdle they can't jump, are enormous probabilities.
Moreover, CORA makes 'everything' a variable. Example, no two keys need be the same size!

Multiple Use Pads (MUPs) have no limit. CORA-X uses a minimum of 125 kB MUP (equivalent to 1,000,000-bit encryption).

CORA: complex probabilities (unimaginably enormous) versus complex math.

Calculations / second

Without getting into great detail, let's approximate:

  • Today: 304,510 MIPS ~ 1011
  • Hopeful prediction for Quantum Computers: 1018 calculations/second
  • Over-estimate: imagine 10100 calculations/second
CORA-X Quantum-Safe

The math

Remember, CORA isn't based upon factors, but rather probabilities.

Maximum # of attempts needed to break a 125 kB MUP, acting on a single CORA bloc is 10301,029

Perhaps on average, an attacker may accomplish this in one-hundredth of this maximum: 10301,027

In this case, a quantum computer capable of 10100 would break this in just,
10300,927 seconds
Consider that there have been only 1017 seconds since the big bang!

CORAcsi acknowledges Innovation and creativity!

The author imagines that smart and innovation approaches may reduce this unimaginably large probability down, lets say by 99%, to 103,009.

Even in this case, the time required at 10100 calculations per second, is 103,512 seconds.

Our planet will be gone, and we will be living amongst that stars, within 1018 seconds