Welcome to goCORA
where you own your online, digital footprint

goCORA is all about:

  • Safety - individuals, teams and corporations should have the benefits of being connected globally and instantly, without the risk associated with unscrupulous hackers and thieves.
  • Security - goCORA uses CORAcsi’s Quantum safe encryption to “CORAfy” (encrypt) the data you choose, and the communications you send to friends and social circles. CORA is a probabilistic encryption that cannot be broken by the best of computers, including Quantum computers without obtaining the encryption key and “every” single CORA bloc (dispersed file) without exception or corruption.
  • Privacy - goCORA is founded on the belief that the individual should maintain the ownership (control) over their pictures, texts, emails and social media posts. How is this possible. CORA is probabilistic. Each message, post or file, when CORAfied, results in 2-40 CORA blocs.
    When you share a picture, post or file with others, you are actually sharing a CORA bloc, while keeping a single CORA bloc on your phone, computer, or if you subscribe to CloudCORA, in our Cloud.
    A million followers or friends may share your post (if allowed), however, they are only sharing one (of multiple) CORA blocs. Sure others may view (and follow) your post, however, once you delete a single CORA bloc, no one will every be able to view your message or file again!

For example

Say that I share a high school picture of myself with a friend, who then shares it with a million followers.

I haven't shared a picture, I have only shared a CORA bloc.

Sure, using goCORA, those I allow may view my picture...

... unless I delete any other CORA bloc. Then no-one will every see this picture again!

The same is true for messages, posts (as in social media) and emails.

It doesn't matter if they have downloaded it (the CORA bloc), backed it up (the CORA bloc) or emailed it to 1000 goCORA users, no one will ever be able to unCORAfy (decrypt) this picture again!

goCORA will be available soon.

  • Windows 10 or 11
  • Android
  • iOS

goCORA provides privacy, data security and cloud security with quantum safe cryptography that is unbreakable. Use goCORA to protect your social media posts, communications and data using CORA for your encryption. Our Multiple Use Pads (MUP) are unlimited in size. Control your online, digital footprint! Delete a single CORA bloc and your communication or post is gone forever.